Outdoor Activities In Livingston

Livingston is the home to many outdoor activities. Take a look at some of our recommended activities.

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Outdoor Activities In Livingston

Visit Almond Valley

A family-accommodating museum on a serene riverside site with farm animals, a working watermill, and interactive presentations. Investigate the fields and forest strolls, participate in regular showings and exercises, and let the children go wild in jungle gyms, pedal trucks, and trampolines.

Price: From £7.50

Visit Tailend Moss Wildlife Reserve

Explore Tailend Moss Wildlife Reserve, home to many wildlife such as birds like the Kingfisher, The Yellowhammer, and more. There are also several plants, like the round-leaved sundew, crossed-leaved heath, and more.

Price: Free

Visit Dechmont Law

Explore the mysterious Dechmont Law. The recreational area on the northern fringe of Livingston shows signs of bronze age and iron age earthworks.

The area is most famous for its UFO incident in 1979, where spherical objects supposedly assaulted a worker, and despite an investigation, it remains a mystery to this day.

Price: Free